Civic Learning

Educating students to be socially responsible, informed, and engaged citizens in their workplaces, nation, and the global community should be an expected goal for every major. Achieving this goal will require that departments, programs, and disciplines define the public purposes of their respective fields, the civic inquiries most urgent to explore, and the best way to infuse civic learning outcomes.

Resources to Support Civic Learning in the Major

A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy’s Future

This report from the National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement exhorts educators and public leaders to advance an educational vision that would make civic learning and democratic engagement an expected part of undergraduate education.

Peer Review Magazine Vol 19 No 4 (Fall 2017)

Civic Learning in the Major by Design

This special issue of Peer Review highlights departmental and disciplinary designs that incorporate learning for civic and social responsibility into the requirements and pedagogy of a student’s major as well as specialized programs that integrate civic learning and social responsibility as outcomes for all majors.

Disciplinary Knowledge, Democratic Culture, and the Public Good

In this on-demand webinar, campus practitioners leading efforts to build strong civic learning pathways for departmental majors describe best practices for engaging colleagues on disciplinary-driven questions of social responsibility and for creating more intentional designs focused on the public good in required courses.

Cover of "Teaching Civic Engagement Globally" publication

Teaching Civic Engagement Globally

In the interest of preventing an apathetic generation of students who find no reason to partake in social or global activism, this new book—coedited by GC4 Vice President Dawn Michele Whitehead and published by the American Political Science Association—offers a compilation of lesson plans, classroom studies, and suggestions for educators to help teach how and why human beings ought to engage with the issues around them.