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Leadership Development and Support

AAC&U helps higher education reframe what it means to be a good leader, reexamine existing norms, and validate authentic forms of leadership that exhibit self-awareness, internalized moral perspectives, and relational transparency.

The urgent task of bolstering public trust in higher education, while simultaneously engaging in the daily work of leading and managing institutions focused on student success, requires thoughtful leadership and dedicated commitment. It also requires making structural changes that align the academy with the lived experience of diverse leaders and rejecting reward systems that mandate role congruity and privilege the ideal of a good leader as an autocratic, authoritarian, competitive agent.

AAC&U provides dedicated programming, resources, and events that help higher education leaders develop, find community, and succeed—even amid an ever-growing list of challenges, from political polarization and public disinvestment to ongoing injustice and threats to academic freedom.

Leadership Initiatives