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Through exclusive partnerships, AAC&U offers special discounts to our members on select products and services from a range of higher education providers. As offerings continue to expand, AAC&U members will find even more opportunities to benefit from these cost-saving opportunities as an added value for their membership.


AAC&U partners with OneHE to support institutions with scalable and affordable professional development for their educators. OneHE is an online platform that provides microlearning resources on effective practice in teaching and learning. Content is developed with and delivered by pedagogical experts, and educators can extend their learning in safe and supportive communities. OneHE works with over 50 higher education universities, colleges, and systems in the United States, and AAC&U members receive a 15% discount on OneHE fees. If you are an AAC&U member and would like to become an individual or institutional OneHE member, you can take advantage of the discount by using the code AACU15. Learn more or book a meeting with the OneHE team.


Student retention starts with Pronto, the only LMS-integrated communications platform that gives you direct access to students. Over the past two years, institutions using Pronto retained 11% more students when compared to their peers. This drives Pronto's mission to (1) help more students stay in school— putting them in a better position to better their lives; and (2) help institutions retain more tuition dollars and improve their financial health by keeping more students enrolled.

AAC&U member institutions can take advantage of exclusive partner pricing on pilots— making it easy to try Pronto for yourself. Learn more about Pronto and how this platform can support your college or university.

Routledge/Taylor & Francis

Routledge/Taylor & Francis is the world’s leading academic publisher in Education, publishing a wide range of books, journals, and other resources for researchers, faculty, practitioners, scholarly societies, universities, libraries, and educators.

AAC&U members receive a 40% discount on books co-published by AAC&U and Routledge, and a 20% discount on all other Routledge books. To take advantage of this exclusive member benefit, first log into your account to obtain your discount code, then visit the Routledge site.

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