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Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson

President, Green River College

Suzanne Johnson has served as president of Green River College since July 2017. She began her career in higher education as a full-time psychology faculty member at Dowling College, New York. In 2012, after many years as a faculty member, Johnson moved into administrative roles and became dean of the college at Dowling College. She intentionally made the move to community colleges in 2014, when she had the opportunity to serve as interim campus president at Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College in Oregon. Her move to community colleges was driven by her commitment to the community college mission and the essential role community colleges play in providing educational pathways to opportunity.

Prior to becoming president at Green River College, Johnson served as vice president for academic affairs at Suffolk County Community College in New York. Her time at Green River College has focused on facilitating and supporting the collaborative efforts of the college’s outstanding faculty and staff as they work to ensure equitable student outcomes and deepen a culture of caring and belonging for all students. Of equal importance is her work to position the college as an invaluable partner with businesses and industries to contribute to the economic growth, vitality, and stability of the cities it serves.

Johnson holds a B.A. in psychology from Ithaca College, and a master’s degree in psychology and Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Stony Brook University.